Houseboat production and sale of houses on the water


A house on the water? No problem!

Have you thought about a unique and fully functional house on the water? Would you like the view outside your window to change not only according to the seasons? Discover houses on water by ALUSTEEL, which are built so that Exceptional People can enjoy an exceptional interior.
What is a houseboat?
The concept of houseboats is basically simple - it's a home on the water. Having your own houseboat is a great way to gain independence while retaining all the amenities we have in ordinary homes.

The higher the standard of equipment, the greater the satisfaction without "mundane" worries­čśŐ A water apartment is a guarantee of living in harmony with nature without the typical camping inconveniences. It's the perfect combination to "feel at home" everywhere!
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Houseboat according to your expectations - individual house design on water!
Our product is unique because we want it to become your dream come true. We deal with houses on water in a comprehensive way - from design to finished product. In our design offer we propose some solutions, but we are open to adjust the design to your expectations. Do you dream of an unusual shape or a specific layout of rooms? Contact us, tell us what you need and we will prepare an individual conceptual design, and after its approval - we will start building your house on water!
Safety and excellent houseboat quality

As a premium product, our houseboats are characterized by the exceptional quality of the materials used for the hull, finish and equipment and workmanship. For the construction of the hulls we use the many years of experience of G+K Steelcon, a company with a successful track record in the shipbuilding industry. The company has built many vessels ranging from fishing boats to mega-yachts. Our homes on the water are therefore perfect from the ground up to the finishing touches - we focus on modern design, safety and comfort, making sure you enjoy a truly exclusive interior.
Convenience and functionality of houseboats

Water dwellings built by ALUSTEEL are available in two variants - stationary and self-propelled. Moreover, all of them are equipped with all necessary appliances for everyday operation. Unusual solution for this type of units is using in our houseboats floats, which are several times bigger than commonly used. This allows for a more ergonomic arrangement of all the equipment elements and an increase in their size. This in turn affects the comfort of the house and extends the time of being completely independent.

 An unquestionable advantage of our houseboat is that it is equipped with a system called "intelligent house", which means that users are able to remotely control devices located in it, such as: lighting, air conditioning, sound system, monitoring, etc. This also gives you full control - you can check what is going on in and around your house no matter where you are!

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